• 15Feb
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    Cezanne, Picasso and others have made definitive statements about the concept of space. There seems to be nothing new. Is this really true? I still like experimenting with spatial representation. Simple techniques from computer graphics were used to create this picture. In another mode it is a single frame from an animation sequence.

    I started with a 3d model of an angelfish. It was fragmented so the realism is lost but the parts remain in a space. With multiple copies I created a picture. This picture became a texture map which was placed on four sides of a cube. Two faces were left off so that one can see through it. Multiple copies were created of the cube and randomly
    placed at different orientations in space. The planes of the cubes intersect. Everything is in single point perspective which offers depth. Within the program the parameters were randomly altered to make unpredictable changes. Like an animation sequence I generated 500 different pictures before I found one I liked.

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