• 12Feb
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    When I was a traditional painter I often thought there was a direct relationship between the tactile kinesthetic sense and emotion. That is, the bolder my brush stroke the greater the power and feeling. Read more »

  • 09Feb
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri

    Cubic Space

    It’s interesting to learn that Picasso’s cubism was strongly influenced by the French mathematician Maurice Princet. Read more »

  • 26Jan

    Digital Art by Charles Csuri

    Lines in Space

    I did this image about 12 years ago. Its a frame from an animation. The head of Nefertiti is represented as solid and line forms. Lines are in 3d space and they reflect light from the lighting model. Copies have been made of the same data. They are all the same size.

    My interest was in mixing the qualities of drawing and painting. Playing with light on the lines I introduced things which look like eyes and nose from Nefertiti’s headdress. I had to find a way to soften the harsh surface qualities of the solid representation. Also to emphasize a visual field. It also looks like I used some atmosphere. This idea works best as animation. Watching those forms move through space is intriguing.

  • 23Jan

    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    An instancing routine allows me to place objects onto the vertices of invisible objects. The shape and scale of the invisible objects determine the positions of the instanced objects. As usual I depend upon a world space of color subdivided into regions to determine the color of individual objects. By making the color regions small I’m able to
    achieve the effect of modulated color.

    This image is to become the basis for an animation sequence. All of the objects will be moving slowing through space. On a large screen this may have an impact. A 60 inch TV monitor is good but I’m looking at something which is much larger as a display medium. Each frame will be 2560 x 1440 pixels. I will need to use a computer farm to render it.