• 03Feb
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    I arrived early one morning for my weekly visit to the chiropractor so I just waited and sat in my car drinking a cup of coffee. A short distance away I noticed two women on a bench engaged in a conversation. Read more »

  • 19Oct

    Air Balloons on Vimeo. See it on YouTube here.

    The world space has been divided into thin slices of color. As the objects moves through one slice entering another one the color changes. Color appears as rings because of the curvature of the object. The object’s speed of movement through space determines the rate of color change. The world space can also be sub divided into thicker sections. Their orientation as well as the world color space can be altered over time. Color space can be changed at a faster pace than the movement of objects.

  • 09Sep

    LEOSlo on Vimeo.  See it on YouTube here.

    I first used a tool to fragment a 3d object. A 2d version of the fragmentation tool was developed for my Hummingbird film in 1967. Then I made copies of the fragmented object and created groups. The animation has several groups which move independent of one another.

  • 05Sep
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    Unlike a planned storyboard for a narrative film, I do not have a particular plan for the movement and timing of abstract forms in 3d space. Also, it is unlike 2d abstract animation where the movement is up, down, right, left or back and forth. My forms must move along a curve through 3d space. The forms change their appearance as they rotate and alter their speed along this curve.

    My approach to planning is non-linear and unpredictable involving a great deal of experimentation. I like to play with combinations of form color and movement. It is a mixture of insanity and algorithmic thinking. I don’t have the tools I really want. But I do have tools which work within certain limitations. Sometimes these limitations force me to be more inventive in finding solutions. This is where a sense of the ridiculous helps.

    Paint Dance from CsuriVision on Vimeo.   See it on YouTube here.