• I have been asked by friends why don’t I have a blog. Beginning in 1964 I helped to start the field of computer graphics, art and animation. Here we are 44 years later and people are curious about what I’m doing today. My comments about my own work might be of interest to people.

    Going from punch cards to create animation and then today see my animation on an Ipod is indeed a taste of science fiction. As I continue to be engaged with new technology, I feel I have only scratched the surface of what is yet to come. While the landscape is filled with ugliness there is also some beauty to be found.

    I see technology as a means to create art objects and while I’m intellectually curious about commercial applications, it is art that I seek.

    If the interest is there, I will continue to offer examples of my images and animations. This is just the beginning.

    Chuck Csuri, 2008