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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    Sometimes I prefer the mix of my traditional background as a painter and my experience with the computer. I like to think of my brush marks as a touch of humanity emerging from another universe.

    The overlapping planes enhance the quality of space and depth. Random elements are designed into the algorithms which create the intersections of planes. Randomness is assigned to rotation and position. This affects the overall geometry creating shape relationships which I could not visualize. It would have been more difficult to compose such a picture piece by piece. I still like an approach to problem solving where there is no single solution.

3 Comments to Intersecting Planes

  • Your art is amazing and thanks to you for you work! I too am a computer artist, started around 1994, but involved with computers since 1987. The coolest thing is that my parents, who live in Clintonville, bought one of your wife’s paintings. They actually picked it up at your home on Am**on. It’s a painting of a man of two colors surrounded by wild animals – he is reading a book. It’s an amazing work. It’s signed and dated, Lee Csuri 1977. I would love to see more of your wife’s art. I was unable to find anything on-line. Visit my site if you like, I can be contacted there. Thanks so much, Charles

  • You make some magnificent artwork. With this one I love the brushmarks and the way the planes intersect, especially towards the bottom left–hand side.

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