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    I arrived early one morning for my weekly visit to the chiropractor so I just waited and sat in my car drinking a cup of coffee. A short distance away I noticed two women on a bench engaged in a conversation. I could not hear them speak but it was fascinating to notice their body language as they were engaged in a dialogue.
    The movements of their heads, hands and shoulders communicated the sense of a language. They were too far away to see the movement of their mouths. I could tell when a sentence was completed by the abrupt motions of their heads and hands. They gave the impression of saying something very important yet I could hear nothing.
    Just the gestures of one of them seemed to intimidate the other one. It was almost like a silent drama unfolding but they may have just been talking about the weather.

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  • Jordyn Mikaela Scott says:

    Thank you so much for showing me some of your works Mr. Csuri!! It was such an amazing opportunity to have you show them to me and to be able to sit and talk with you was really an honor! I really cannot thank you enough!


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