• 30Dec
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    An aspect of 3d abstract forms within a single point perspective space is that it tends to look like a thing, as though it has a physical reality. Read more »

  • 25Oct
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri

    Infinite Universe

    The sense of depth and scale to the universe is like science fiction. Where are the boundaries or the edges? It is indeed awesome! At the same time this is still nature but at a grand scale. Instead of looking at the landscape of earth we can look up at nature where there is no floor plane or background. Just space and matter or forms.

    Here is a fragment of my infinite universe. A snapshot or instance in time. I can show millions of viewpoints of this universe. We could travel for billions of years. The visual cues provided by perspective, depth of field and layers of transparency enhances the qualities of space and form.