• 19Oct

    Air Balloons on Vimeo. See it on YouTube here.

    The world space has been divided into thin slices of color. As the objects moves through one slice entering another one the color changes. Color appears as rings because of the curvature of the object. The object’s speed of movement through space determines the rate of color change. The world space can also be sub divided into thicker sections. Their orientation as well as the world color space can be altered over time. Color space can be changed at a faster pace than the movement of objects.

  • 31Aug
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    I was doing oil paintings with some odd idea about visual structure and expressionism before I became involved with computers. As I create my animation the forms and how they change moving through space is important to me. I am more comfortable with non-narrative animation. I can’t tell a story or a one line joke. Abstraction is easier for me as it’s easier to bring focus to visual structure. My feelings for expressionism has drifted off into a domain concerned about the aura of beauty.


    The movement is important but secondary to the feelings of form and space. Animation has become a balancing act between form and movement. I’ve always liked the idea of motion painting invented by Oskar Fischinger over 80 years ago. But unlike Fischinger I’m fortunate to have access to tools which allow me to play in three dimensional space using lights and three dimensional forms. I’m also lucky to be living in a time where animation can become an art form woven into the fabric of our culture. Things like YouTube and iTunes are full of opportunities. There is an exciting new world far beyond Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky.