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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    How do I comment about his picture? I wonder if its art. Is this just a special effect? The feeling of threads covering a face or the threads creating the face. I find the layering of the threads interesting giving emphasis to 3d cues. Does the face in shadow give it a sense of mystery? Is this the work of a drunken spider? Is my rich fantasy life making it art? Would I have been better off sticking to drawing by hand? Certainly would be easier than writing code to create it. But then it would look flat like an ordinary drawing. I still love the 3d perspective. Its a little refreshing from my old 2d picture plane.

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  • Hello Mr. Csuri,
    I blog about things related to fiber. I saw “Threads” and loved it right away. I know my readers will enjoy it also. I not only linked the image to you I also tried the trackback. I hope this works. I will be updating my blog tomorrow.
    Thank you,
    Paula Moliver

  • Brian Noon says:

    Hello Mr. Csuri,
    First, let me say I love your work! Thank you for creating this site and sharing it!

    I wanted to ask you if I could showcase your work through my upcoming site http://www.commonthreads.com. It is a community based tee shirt design organization formed around great design and great people. The community will be the designers – an open source approach to business! We are a non-profit and will use the revenues to fund important social and environmental causes.

    I was hoping you would permit me to use a couple of your designs, especially threads, on our gift cards. I will provide a short bio and link back to your site on the gift card page. Your copyright information will be placed on the image. We would not be selling your images in any way.

    I want to stress the importance of art and design in our community, and urge people to pursue their passion.

    Please let me know if we could show off your incredible work! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Brian Noon

  • Karen Lohn says:

    Dear Mr. Csuri,

    This image is exquisite! I am writing a book entitled Peace Fibres: Stitching a Soulful World; in it, I enlist fibre work as metaphor and manifestation of harmonious relationship with self, others, and the larger world. This image would be an amazing addition to the book.

    May I include the image? If so, what fees, if any, might be involved? I would, of course, cite your website and you as the artist and photographer.

    Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response via the email address above.

    Karen Lohn

  • Esther Krauss says:

    Dear Mr. Csuri,

    This is a great image and I would love to use it for the cover of a memoir written for her family by a survivor of the Holocaust. As a volunteer at Yad Sarah, a not for profit organization in Israel that assists the elderly and handicapped. I edited this life story that the author entitled “The Threads of Life.”

    Could you please let me how I can get permission for her to use this image.

    Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.

    Esther Krauss

  • Angel Pricer says:

    Dear Mr. Csuri,

    It appears I am one of many who have found their way to your work with an inspiration to share it in their own.

    This image reached right out and fused with the threads in my own consciousness and I just knew I had to ask your permission to include it with a blog post I am crafting titled “Following the Threads.”

    I am most willing to credit you as the artist and will do so however you deem appropriate.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Angel Pricer

  • Jill Bradbury says:

    Dear Mr Csuri
    I love this image which speaks to me of the narrative threads of our lives entangled within us. I would like to request permission to reproduce the image for educational purposes on documents related to our masters programme in psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. We will include copyright acknowledgement and confirm that the image is not being reproduced for sale or profit.
    We trust that this will be in order and that you will be pleased for your work to be used in this way.
    Prof Jill Bradbury

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