• 26Jan

    Digital Art by Charles Csuri

    Lines in Space

    I did this image about 12 years ago. Its a frame from an animation. The head of Nefertiti is represented as solid and line forms. Lines are in 3d space and they reflect light from the lighting model. Copies have been made of the same data. They are all the same size.

    My interest was in mixing the qualities of drawing and painting. Playing with light on the lines I introduced things which look like eyes and nose from Nefertiti’s headdress. I had to find a way to soften the harsh surface qualities of the solid representation. Also to emphasize a visual field. It also looks like I used some atmosphere. This idea works best as animation. Watching those forms move through space is intriguing.

  • 05Oct
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    How do I comment about his picture? I wonder if its art. Is this just a special effect? The feeling of threads covering a face or the threads creating the face. I find the layering of the threads interesting giving emphasis to 3d cues. Does the face in shadow give it a sense of mystery? Is this the work of a drunken spider? Is my rich fantasy life making it art? Would I have been better off sticking to drawing by hand? Certainly would be easier than writing code to create it. But then it would look flat like an ordinary drawing. I still love the 3d perspective. Its a little refreshing from my old 2d picture plane.

  • 02Oct

    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    Art and drawing has always been a mental process even when I used charcoal. It’s not the hand but the brain at work.I first thought of the idea represented by the above image in 1966. My initial thoughts were about flying through and around a drawing in 3d. But I had to wait a long time before raster graphics appeared. The idea needed lighting models to give emphasis to 3d cues. Fog or atmosphere helps. An animation language had to be invented along with procedures using bicubic patches and b-splines for the lines.

    The movement and direction of the lines in my image are determined by the vertex points of invisible objects. The bspline provides nice curvature. Later, you might enjoy my flight throughout the drawing.