• 31Dec
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    Digital Art by Charles Csuri


    I used a technique in computer graphics called geometry instancing, essentially making copies of the same object. I then spread them around in a world space. First I took a 3d model of a space station and fragmented it into sections. This representation became the new geometry for the instancing technique. I created boxes within which I procedurally placed copies of the geometry/object at different locations and orientations. Using s-noise the parameters are set for different rotation ranges for the x, y and z axis. Every box is is of a different size affecting the distance separating the copies. All of the parameters are different for every box. Some models live in a confined
    space while others live in an expanded universe. Ten boxes were used with about 200 copies within each of them. The boxes were also randomly rotated in a world space. Since my world space is divided into regions of color, each object takes on a different color combination depending upon their location in space. I also have a mode within the program where everything can be automatically reset giving me a new picture. Sometimes I look through 500 pictures before I find one I like.

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